Hi. We had a great Thanksgiving. How was yours? :-)

I will add my recipes below of my Turkey and the rest of Thanksgiving Dinner.

           This was taken Thanksgiving day. I see the sun and it feels like a warm hug. so beautiful 

Here is Jason. The joy and life of our home and hearts. He is such a blessing and seems to enjoy our  family get together this year. 

 Here is our table setting. Gabby, set it up this year. She did a nice job. I would have been working on the setting for days. LOL! So thank you, Gabby.

Our treat table 
(Please excuse the background) 

I made two turkeys this year. I wanted to have one cut up and ready cook early, because last year my turkey wasnt cooked early. My idea
worked great and I think i'll keep this tradition.
 I love how colorful and yummy this salad was

 I will post more pictures and recipes of our Thanksgiving 2015 :-)

Hope you enjoyed this post :-)