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Between Knitting and Crochet

For the past 3 days I've been crocheting a white blanket for my 19 mon. old baby boy. 
Will post pictures ASAP have to learn how to post them lol 
My hunny, was asking me questions about me learning to crochet this morning.
I was about 7 years old and love to play outside with siblings and friends. I would see a lady across the street from my home sitting on her front yellow porch steps. I didn't know her, but was interested to see what she was doing? She had dark hair and a warm friendly smile. I don't remember exactly how it happen, but before I knew it I was right in front of her watching her magic hands holding some yarn and hook. She asked me if I would like to try it? And I remember her holding my hands and was guiding my hands, showing, and explaining to me how to crochet. I remember kids yelling at me to go back and play, but I didn't want to. I was happy having fun and felt as if I was playing lol. The Lady seen that I wasn't leaving and asked me... Do you …

Not that easy.

Well, I'm excited and motivated about blogging, but I hit a bump on the road.
For tonight I'm going to give up, because it's late and baby will be waking up soon.
I need a few hours of sleep.
I will keep on trying everyday to learn how to blog. 
God help me :-)
Also if anyone see's this post and have links or advice for me to start blogging 101
I will be forever thankful :-)
Good night...


Hi. This is my first blog post. I have so much to share and super excited about it. I've seen so many blogs and PINTEREST ideas and now I'm ready for my own. Thank you for showing support & love. All positive here. I'm not negative and don't surround my self with negativity.