We took a tour bus 
 We were on our way to see the starts

A famous movie 

 Movie stars Live behind the gates
 El Capitan
 I'll add names of starts

 This is a famous magic castle

 Curvy driveways
 See the gate?
 The Hollywood Hills
 Tall trees everywhere
 We sat on the back seat and I didn't know that the driver could hear us

Jason & Self
Greg and Gabby

 Famous Tattoo shop
 This home came out on a movie
 The door is a clue

Famous Movie Stars live there
A mailbox

Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears crashed here

Bus stop

Micheal Jackson

The first cupcake machine


You won't see this expensive and unique car anywhere else

Get your hair blow dry here


I use to eat here as a child

Notice Upside down?
It's from a movie

Notice the stars on the sidewalk

We are over looking the city


It was so cold this day. Our driving and Tour guide was sweet. Gabby, was wearing his shirt.

He is a actor